Becoming an SEC Expert

Would you like to support companies abroad voluntarily as an expert? The Senior Expert Corps is a voluntary programme which undertakes short-term assignments in developing countries and Eastern Europe. We recruit only experienced professionals for between 2 and 12 weeks. The mission is voluntary and there is no financial compensation.

To be accepted as an SEC expert, you should meet the following criteria

  • Long-time professional experience
  • Foreign language skills
  • International working experience
  • Good health
  • An openness to different cultures and people
  • Participate in an SEC information and training event
  • Willingness to prepare for and follow up on assignments
  • Age limit is 80 years


If you are interested in an assignment, please contact us so we can send you detailed documentation. If, after reading these documents, you would like to register with the Senior Expert Corps, please fill out the Personalfile on the right in your mother tongue and the Curriculum Vitae in all your working languages (D, F, E and SP) and send them back to us by e-mail. Complete your application with a recent passport picture and send it to us by e-mail or ordinary mail.

Two or three times a year,  we invite newly appointed Senior Experts to an SEC information day. The information day is taking place in Switzerland and must be attended by all experts before conducting a first SEC assignment.

Please send us the form only if you are interested in conducting a voluntary unpaid assignment.

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Current expert search

We are always looking for retired experts from all professions. The following sectors are currently in high demand: food (bakers, cheese-makers, chocolate makers, food technologists), tourism/hotel industry, construction (civil engineers, carpenters, bricklayers, mechanics, plumbers) and textiles.

Currently we are searching:

(for more information please contact the SEC)

Benin (French):

  • Expert in the training of instructors in audiovisual techniques and pedagogy (client: Video Leader Formation)
  • Expert for hospital laboratory, experience with bacteriology & biochemistry as well as workflows & laboratory management for training of employees

Colombia (Spanish):

  • Business or industrial engineer with experience in administration, logistics and sales

Ecuador (Spanish):

  • Veterinarian with experience with wildlife and exotic animals.
  • Telecommunications Engineer, Data Center, CCNA, CISCO, Implementation of Telecommunications Projects, Vo/IP Solutions (English or Spanish)

Kosovo (English):

  • Food technologist with experience in the confectionery sector (fruit fillings, glazes, cream fillings)
  • Confectioner (Cookies and Biscuits, Cheese Cake and generally Cakes and Confectionery)

Nepal (English):

  • Expert for further education of teachers in journalism (especially mass communication)

Uganda (English):

  • Specialist in the production of honey wine and other bee products