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In order to increase the number of SME and institutions in developing countries and Eastern Europe benefitting from the know-how of our experts, we offer possibilities to directly co-finance open SEC assignments.

With your donation you enable the financing and realization of SEC consultancy assignments, which cannot be covered by the project budget.

Support us to enable the realisation of open SEC assignments

  1. Association for Craft Producers – Felt products from Nepal

    Association for Craft Producers is a Nepalese NGO based in Kathmandu which was founded in 1984.
    CHF 4,190 donated of CHF 5,000 goal
  2. Rebuilding the traditional houses of the village of Nggela on Flores, Indonesia

    Two massive fires on August 14th in the traditional villages Gurusina and on October 28th 2018 in Nggela burned down 27 resp. 33 traditional houses and ritual sites within only a few minutes. The village of Nggela submitted a status report to SEC with the request of further support from two experts with practical knowledge in architecture, structural engineering and carpenting. The reconstruction of the houses requires an in-depth assessment that includes information re: construction material and sourcing, availability of skilled work force, safety standards and a detailed budget.
    CHF 10,000 donated of CHF 10,000 goal

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